Brainworks® - School Year Program

School Year Program

Brainworks Instruction Creates Success

During the school year, Brainworks offers instruction to both students in grades 1-12, college students, and adults. Using the same strategies that have made the Brainworks curriculum successful for 29 years (one-on-one instruction, customized lessons for each individual client, and constant monitoring by certified teachers), clients achieve intensive academic skill building, in addition to sharpening social and communication skills.

Students who benefit from the Brainworks curriculum:

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Customized Plan

The incredible success of the Brainworks program is a result of several factors:

One-On-One Instruction

Certainly, one of the keys to Brainworks’ success is the individual attention given to each student.

Social Skills

Furthermore, the integration of social skills into the curriculum is a vital part of Brainworks’ success.


In addition, clients are encouraged to assume personal responsibilities in a supportive group environment and to become more confident in their abilities to perform and succeed.

Sample Routine for Students during a Brainworks Session*
  Grades 1 - 5 Grades 6 - 12
4:30 Math Facts or Advanced Math Research Strategies
4:45 Reading Speed and Comprehension Organization & Time Management
5:00 Organization & Time Management Remedial or Advanced Math
5:15 Logical Thinking or Advanced Math Reading Speed & Comprehension
5:30 Paragraph Writing & Handwriting Social Skills or ADHD Training
5:45 Spatial Problem Solving Game Note Taking Training
6:00 Social Skills or ADHD Training Memory & Test Taking
6:15 Following Directions or Goal Setting Right Choices (Decision Making) or Goal Setting
  Additional Options Additional Options
  Memory Training Coping With Perfectionism
  Typing or Eye Tracking Writing Workshop
  Gross Motor / Fine Motor Skills Logic Game or Activity
  Hands-on Fraction Training Creative Brainstorming
  Creative Brainstorming Spatial Problem Solving Game
  Color Coded Parts of Speech SAT or ACT Prep
  TAKS Prep Life Skills

*Lesson plans are created on an individualized basis. No two students’ plans will be the same. All our 2,500 activities are personalized according to the testing done through Brainworks.

Documented Results

Also, at the end of each month, we have a parent/student conference to discuss the progress at Brainworks and at school. During this conference, we include feedback from the student’s classroom teachers, and goals are set for the following month. Students in grade 6 and above are always present at this conference. Our focus continues to be on the skills that will make the student a more confident, independent learner.

Amazing Expectations

Moreover, Brainworks has high expectations for its clients.

Call Brainworks (972) 416-9410 for further information or to schedule testing. The results will determine your child’s curriculum.